Welcome to #theIBP

Accountability, Education, and Opportunities for creators ready to make more money in 2024.


Hey hey hey!

Thanks for checking out the IBP community (short for the Influencer Business Plan.)

Before you read any further I want to point out that this community is for people who want to make ridiculous amounts of money.

The members of this group are setting WILD goals and hitting them before setting even crazier ones.

This community is not about learning new editing tricks, getting more followers, or having brands send you free stuff.

Yes, we'll sometimes talk about these things, but our main focus is getting paid.

Whether that's through affiliate links, brand campaigns, creator funds, platform tips, speaking engagements, coaching calls, course creation, ebooks, merch, or whatever hot new thing is happening, we are here to work hard (but not too hard) and get rich.

If you want cash hitting your Stripe/PayPal account at all hours of the day and night read on.

Here at #theIBP, we offer you the creator success trifecta.

  • In Accountability you'll find places to chat with other members, share wins, find books to help build your brand and run your business, and join bi-weekly chats with yours truly to get answers to your burning questions.
  • In Education you'll find spaces like our PHENOMENAL video vault (with interviews from your favorite influencers, brands, and platforms), the top platforms to join to find brand deals, industry news and so much more.
  • In Opportunity you find campaign opportunities, info on creator funds, and conferences and events to build your network and your net worth.


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