Welcome to #theIBP

A social club for cool people (influencers, creators, and experts) who do business on the internet.

Pssst. There's a place on the internet where everyone:

  • cares as much as you do about the algorithm, finally editing that blog post/video, and stressing over what rate to send a brand.
  •  wants to see you win and will do things like follow you on TikTok so you can hit 1000 followers and finally go live.
  • goes to online/offline industry events with you, but also asks about your family, your goals, and your imposter syndrome.

That place is #theIBP.

Why should I join #theIBP Social Club?

That's a great question. Whether you're an influencer, creator, expert, artist, performer, small business owner, or a combination, you need three things to succeed:

#1 - Accountability

Where would you be right now if you did all the things you said you'd do? It's ok. We'll hold you accountable so you can get to the next level faster.

#2 - Education

There’s always a new platform or skill to learn or maximize. We have weekly talks with brand reps, industry experts, and influencers to help you learn everything from LTK and reels to SEO and self-promotion.

#3 - Opportunity

All you need is one yes, one campaign, one press hit to change your life. In the social club, we share contacts, campaigns, rates, growth strategies and so much more.

In The IBP we'll give you all those things and more (like Power Hour chats 2x a week, book club, and challenges to help you diversify your revenue streams.)

I'm in. What are my options?

The Social Club (Guest) - you'll have access to:

- Our amazing message boards where you can ask each other questions.
- Monthly lives with Brittany

The Social Club (Member) - you'll have access to:

- All GUEST perks plus
- Power Hour chats (Tuesdays at 1pm EST and Thursdays at 9pm EST)
- Live Masterclasses & The Theater Archives (Q&A sessions with top influencers like Marianna Hewitt and industry experts from LTK, ShopStyle, Pinterest, Flodesk, and so much more.)
- #BlogWithB23 (our 2023 blogging challenge)
- Accountability pods

The Social Club (VIP) - you'll have access to:

- All MEMBER perks plus
- Monthly touch base calls with Brittany

Who runs #theIBP Social Club?

Brittany Hennessy has been called the Influencer Whisperer and the Fairy Godmother of Influencer Marketing.

She's the author of INFLUENCER: Building Your Personal Brand In The Age Of Social Media and the head of influencer relations at ShopStyle Collective (2023).

She was inspired to write influencer while building the influencer team at Hearst Magazines and booking influencers for Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Women’s Health, Redbook, and more and realizing that influencers had amazing potential and really needed someone to pull back the curtain (2018).

Before that, it was Travel Channel, Food Network, Lifetime, and Spike TV (2015).

And before that, she was an influencer for The Gap, Svedka, Popchip, Vaseline, and Nivea where she was the North America Ambassador and got to hang out with Rihanna on a cruise ship in Germany. (2007).

She's been in this business for a long time and Influencers are her people.

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, but you don't have to be alone. 

Join #theIBP Social Club and come hang!